[PLUG] [Commercial] Kernel Developer openings with Symantec, Pune

Nitin Madan nitin_madan at symantec.com
Thu Apr 5 10:31:05 IST 2007

We are looking for Senior Software Engineer (2 positions)
Job Title: Senior Software Engineer
Division / Product Group: Veritas Server Foundation – DCMG
Job Location: Pune

Job Description: The candidate should have excellent problem solving and 
analytical skills. The candidate should be proficient in C/C++. He is 
expected to have good knowledge of OS Concepts/Internals. Sound 
knowledge of data-structures and algorithms is a must. The candidate 
should have experience in Linux/HP kernel programming. Experience of 
working on multiple platforms is an added advantage. Technical know-how 
of programming on SMP kernel, interrupt handling, memory management is 
required. The candidate should have good debugging skills. The interview 
will typically consist of questions to analyze candidates’ skills in the 
above areas, as well as programming exercises.

Technical Skills required: Must Have – Good C/C++, OS knowledge, 
absolute familiarity with Unix, knowledge of TCP-UDP/IP & socket 
programming, good problem solving skills, being able to design and write 
design drafts, kernel skills added advantage.

Experience required: 2 to 6 years

Education Preferred: Bachelors / Master’s in Computer Science 
(preferred) or other streams

Evaluation Process: As part of the evaluation process the candidates 
will be shortlisted after telephonic interview(s) (1 to 3). Short-listed 
candidates will be invited for a face-to-face interview. Here the 
candidate is expected to demonstrate problem solving and design skills. 
Candidate is expected to demonstrate C, C++ programming skills, 
knowledge of data structures, algorithms, OS and computer networks.

Candidates will be presented with problems and asked to write 
solutions/programs based on
Symantec Contact: _nitin_madan at symantec.com_ 
<mailto:nitin_madan at symantec.com> or _n__ihar___mehta at s__ymantec.com_ 
<mailto:nihar_mehta at symantec.com>

Please send the resumes off-list.


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