[PLUG] [Commercial] Openings for system administrators and python/java developers

Chetan Kumar chetanku at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 10:59:25 IST 2007

Hi all
We have opportunities as under
1. System administrators for GNU/Linux boxes, networks, and mail/collaboration
    We provide IT infrastructure solutions and support to SMEs. This involves
       a. Studying requirements
       b. Preparing/customising (if required for a particular customer)
       c. Installation and off-site support
       d. Enhancing the current solutions
           i. scripting, programming skills required here
           ii ability to define additional/advanced feature/facilities
           iii read the fine manual and get going
2. python/java developers.
    Our main focus is zope and python. Java developers are required
for another line of
    activities which is being planned.
Please respond offlist by email.

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