[PLUG] sharing success HP PSC 1315 Mandriva 2007 hplip

guru.is.on.vi at gmail.com
Mon Apr 16 15:23:20 IST 2007


This mail is just to share some experience using HP PSC 1315
multifunction device with Linux..

This device was working with Mandriva Linux 2006 without any problem.

Recently I upgraded to Mandriva 2007.  Scanner stopped working since then.

Internet is full of cries saying that new hplip driver breaks the scanner.

After pulling out my remaining hair for few hours, I thought for a
while, then searched for missing functionality related rpms.  I notice
one missing file/rpm was linsane-hpaio.....

In short.

installing linsane-hpaio rpm solves the break in functionality of
scanner.  You do not have to go back to hpijs driver as is adviced on
the LinuxQuestions.org [period].

Now I too have a questions as when psc device gets detected and
correct installed as printer during installation why does this
libsane-hpaio rpm NOT get installed.  But that is the sweet part
(wondering) of my growing fresh new hair now... :-)

Anyway, I thought I will save others visiting Tirupati in frustration
[this is a joke for pulling your own hair in frustration]

There goes "whoami" of Linux...

Have "Finux"  [i mean have Fun using Linux]

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