[PLUG] Help:Full Asterisk Installation on FC#

guru.is.on.vi at gmail.com
Tue Apr 17 12:47:48 IST 2007

This may sound little (a lot) rude but there is detailed instructions
about setting up Asterix somewhere on the internet, I forgot the site.
 I had downloaded all the PDFs sometime back.  They totalled 20 in
qty. and amounting to total 12~13MB.  Before asking for help it would
be wise to locate+read that, form your strategy of setting up asterix
and take help only where necessary.

>From the sounds of it, it looks like you want step by step
instructions on manufacturing a ferari...[if you permit this poor

If you read the documentation which is available for Asterix and then
ask for help that would make more sense to all.  And if you already
have read it, it is not clear from your message.


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