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> This may sound little (a lot) rude but there is detailed instructions
> about setting up Asterix somewhere on the internet, I forgot the site.
> I had downloaded all the PDFs sometime back.  They totalled 20 in
> qty. and amounting to total 12~13MB.  Before asking for help it would
> be wise to locate+read that, form your strategy of setting up asterix
> and take help only where necessary.

You could have helped him with url of such pdf.
any how below is link of url
This is very comprehensive guide.

>>From the sounds of it, it looks like you want step by step
> instructions on manufacturing a ferari...[if you permit this poor
> analogy!]
> If you read the documentation which is available for Asterix and then
> ask for help that would make more sense to all.  And if you already
> have read it, it is not clear from your message.

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