[PLUG] Booting Problem in Mepis

guru.is.on.vi at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 11:53:36 IST 2007

Out of curiosity I checked Mepis.org.  I have been using Mandriva
since a fellow plug member coaxed me to use it, version-9.1 (I was
using PCQLinux 7.1 and earlier).  I started using Linux when Slackwear
was the (probably) only Linux distribution and later RedHat was a
small shop on Steven Creek Boulevard (if I remember correctly), San

If it is not too much of a hassle I would urge you to switch to Mandriva 2007.

The story:  I was using Mandriva 2006 happily with this PSC 1315.  One
day I felt I am using too old hplip driver... I messed up similar way
like you did now, except that my installation of bleeding edge hplip
failed and I had in the mean time disturbed my existing hplip.  [This
was around Jan 2007]  so I tried Mandriva 2007 when I discovered that
scanner had stopped functioning.  Till I had time (usually saturday) I
did not pay attention to it.  And last saturday I fixed scanner
problem in the way I already wriote to the list.

My dream:  to start using Slackwear again.... but I am too lazy right now.

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