[PLUG] Booting Problem in Mepis: Distribution selection

Desi Penguin desipenguin at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 10:18:17 IST 2007

> > Had I got ubuntu CD with me, I might have tried it with Laptop.  But
> > the ubuntu I saw last time did not install KMail which is my favourite
> > of few years.
> You need Kubuntu for that.  Kubuntu is Ubuntu with KDE.  Incidentally,
> KMail
> is favourite with me as well.  I have used it with Mandriva, SuSe and also
> with Mepis.  If you need, I do have Kubuntu CD and can make a copy.

If you wait just a day or two (April 19th to be precise, possibly South
Africa time), Ubuntu will release their latest version 7.04
I guess kubuntu won't be far away, if not on same day.


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