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Thu Apr 19 13:35:25 IST 2007

--- manoj mahajan <manojmahajan2003 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Interesting site, please have a look
> http://badvista.fsf.org


1. DRM gives power to Microsoft and Big Media.
    * They decide which programs you can and can't use
on your computer...
Egs please (of which s/w they dont allow and eg of
other points)!
Heard that tivo does the same thing.
Also who's stopping the user from using open source
s/ws and non DRMed contents on Vista?

2. Even when you legally buy Vista, you don't own it.
... You also dont own Linux (kernel/distro etc), OO,
FF etc. Its licensed to you irrespective of OSS or

Where these 2 points a joke?

The content writer is idiot to say the least. Argue on
the merits of Linux and not the bad things of others.
These fsf guys have problem even w/ Linux kernel not
being moved to V3. Oh well! Who's stopping them from
developing their HURD? Eh?!

I like oss, but please. This is FUD, to say the least!


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