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1.  Vista can block unauthorised code execution, under the guise of virus
protection.  This can mean that it will allow only software authorised by
Microsoft or its honchos to run.

Therefore, if somebody decides that vlc circumvents content protection, it
will not be allowed to run.  If you have a pirated / borrowed copy of
Office, it may not be allowed to run.  You may think that if you have
purchased a license to Office, you can run it on all your computers, but
Microsoft may not have the same philanthropic opinion.  Any software that
Microsoft decides is being used by you without full legal authority in
whichever jurisdiction may stop functioning.

2.  Vista will degrade performance of unlicensed media.

Microsoft does not care about 'fair use' and interpretation of copyright
laws in your part of the world.  It only cares about their interpretation by
media companies, who are Vista's biggest champions and the only other
parties expected to gain from it.

There are many things such as these present in Vista.  When you buy a
computer, you own it.  You then install an operating system in order to use
it.  The OS does not need to have any right of judgment about how you use
your computer or about morality, but Vista changes that.  Of course,
Microsoft or Sony's right to a debate about morality is, well, really really

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