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Part III

GPL v3 has been necessitated to deal with businesses trying to get cute with
GPL v2, viz. TiVo and Microsoft / Novell.  A side jab may also be intended
for the future for Google.

Why?  Some of these people have been drinking freely from the fountain of
F/OSS, but have not contributed back to it. Microsoft has actively tried to
subvert the GPL to subjugate Linux developers and users alike.

Thirdly, as the Free Software movement is a political / ideological movement
espousing the idea of Freedom, it is opposed to measures such as DRM that
aim to curtail basic rights enshrined in various Constitutions or evolving
out of natural justice.  It aims to make a statement by incorporating some
controversial measures in v3.

However, Linus Torvalds, in his sweet wisdom, did not fully appreciate the
ideology, and has only started to be positive towards v3 very lately.  One
of his concerns that some of the copyright holders in the kernel under v2
(Job 38:11) are no longer traceable, so obtaining assent to a wholesale
migration to v3 is nearly impossible, may have a good element of truth.

That is where the dispute comes from.

Regarding Hurd, do you for a moment believe that the hardware vendors that
have never released or supported drivers for Linux will ever agree to an
even more radical kernel?  Further, as most OSS developers have focused on
Linux, Hurd does not get much attention.  Its day may however come yet.

With this fond hope, I rest my case.

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