[PLUG] Erratic Mouse !!!

Roshan d_rosh2001 at yahoo.co.in
Tue Apr 24 19:07:26 IST 2007

--- Shodhan Bhave wrote:

> On my desktop, I have installed fedora. I have
> logitec optical mouse.
> Many a times the mouse behave erratic . The cursor
> moves without any
> logic to any part of the screen. Can there be any
> specific cause for
> this? The system is new and hence the chances of
> hardware failure appear
> to be less. 

Umm, Optical mouse do behave erratic, when the surface
below isn't even or isn't the way it should be. The
surface should be even, plain. Using a good mousepad
should help. 

(Note: I have observed this behaviour in my college
lab, where we do have, an even surface, but it is
inclined to an angle to a line running parallel to the
ground. Eeks, sorry if there is too much geometry in
this ;) )

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