Vipin Solanki vipin2204 at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 2 21:54:58 IST 2007

Hello guys,This is my first mail to this mailing list. I am a BE-Computer Student and I am having some problems with my BE Project. My group members and myself(total=4) want to make a project in Linux. But the problem is we don't know anything about Linux. I mean we have it installed on our pcs, but don't know anything about working in Linux. We studied about some project ideas from Proceedings of Linux Symposium but whatever we chose was rejected or was not feasible at BE level. We also don't have a guide for our project.So I am asking for help. If any of you guys are interested in giving project of BE level or ready to be our guide, then please reply. We are really confused and down at this time. So any kind of help will be appreciated.Thank you.Vipin SolankiBE-COMPMAE
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