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[cc:-ing Vipin since I don't know whether he's subscribed to the list or
was it a moderator approval]

You do need to figure out a way to get Hotmail to format your mail body
a bit sensibly, it was the QuickQuote extension of Thunderbird that
allowed me to respond by quoting your mail (the alternative would have
been a huge single liner)

On 08/02/2007 Vipin Solanki wrote:
> Hello guys,This is my first mail to this mailing list. I am a 
> BE-Computer Student and I am having some problems with my BE Project. 
> My group members and myself(total=4) want to make a project in Linux. 
> But the problem is we don't know anything about Linux. I mean we have 
> it installed on our pcs, but don't know anything about working in 
> Linux. We studied about some project ideas from Proceedings of Linux 
> Symposium but whatever we chose was rejected or was not feasible at 
> BE level. We also don't have a guide for our project.So I am asking 
> for help. If any of you guys are interested in giving project of BE 
> level or ready to be our guide, then please reply. We are really 
> confused and down at this time. So any kind of help will be 
> appreciated.Thank you.Vipin SolankiBE-COMPMAE

I get to hear this query often and the only thing I am sorely tempted to
ask is - step back and forget about Linux (for a moment). How good are
your fundamental programming skills ? Do you feel confident about your
C/C++ skills ? Or, perhaps you are competent in languages like Perl,
Python etc (Java even) ? If you are nodding assent to the queries, then
look around for projects that fit in with your BE level feasibility (I
don't really know what that means). I refer to existing projects in the
Free and Open Source world. While you are at it, I'd gently suggest that
you do a quick read through Producing Open Source Software
(producingoss.com) which will provide you an insight into how things
work in the Free and Open Source (FOSS) world, which might be a trifle
bit different from the methodology you are accustomed to.


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