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On 8/2/07, Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay <sankarshan.mukhopadhyay at gmail.com> wrote:
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> [cc:-ing Vipin since I don't know whether he's subscribed to the list or
> was it a moderator approval]
> You do need to figure out a way to get Hotmail to format your mail body
> a bit sensibly, it was the QuickQuote extension of Thunderbird that
> allowed me to respond by quoting your mail (the alternative would have
> been a huge single liner)
> On 08/02/2007 Vipin Solanki wrote:
> > Hello guys,This is my first mail to this mailing list. I am a
> > BE-Computer Student and I am having some problems with my BE Project.
> > My group members and myself(total=4) want to make a project in Linux.
> > But the problem is we don't know anything about Linux. I mean we have
> > it installed on our pcs, but don't know anything about working in
> > Linux. We studied about some project ideas from Proceedings of Linux
> > Symposium but whatever we chose was rejected or was not feasible at
> > BE level. We also don't have a guide for our project.So I am asking
> > for help. If any of you guys are interested in giving project of BE
> > level or ready to be our guide, then please reply. We are really
> > confused and down at this time. So any kind of help will be
> > appreciated.Thank you.Vipin SolankiBE-COMPMAE
> I get to hear this query often and the only thing I am sorely tempted to
> ask is - step back and forget about Linux (for a moment). How good are
> your fundamental programming skills ? Do you feel confident about your
> C/C++ skills ? Or, perhaps you are competent in languages like Perl,
> Python etc (Java even) ? If you are nodding assent to the queries, then
> look around for projects that fit in with your BE level feasibility (I
> don't really know what that means). I refer to existing projects in the
> Free and Open Source world. While you are at it, I'd gently suggest that
> you do a quick read through Producing Open Source Software
> (producingoss.com) which will provide you an insight into how things
> work in the Free and Open Source (FOSS) world, which might be a trifle
> bit different from the methodology you are accustomed to.
> :Sankarshan

Great writing Sankarshan,
I hope there are teachers also on the list and they are reading your reply.
Only if and when the teachers attitude change, things will change.
(Students are already changing for good. They have to go in the
industry :-) ) And yes, it is happening slowly but definitely.
Changing the academic system takes a very long time. By that time, the
industry has gone too far.


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