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i need to say a lot on this... perhaps the most interesting &
complicated thing in engineering... THE PROJECT !!! read onn....

Inline responses follow:-

>> Hello guys,This is my first mail to this mailing list.
Welcome aboard. Hope you have a great time on the list...!!!

>>My group members and myself(total=4) want to make a project in Linux.
when you say LINUX.. its a total confusion... what is it that you want
to refer to?

linux kernel?

well, i consider a sence that you want to do something *build some
software, driver, filesystem* using linux as a development platform

so probably a good way to put that would be... like..

well i want to build a linux device driver for the new HP printer, or
something like that probably would make a lot of sence and most
important is also the domain/area in which you want to work. i hope my
feelings are conveyed.

>>But the problem is we don't know anything about Linux.
It's never too late... you can start now... it's a world worth
exploring and spending time onn, we also started at some point.. JUMP
INN !!

>>We studied about some project ideas from Proceedings of Linux
Symposium but whatever we chose was rejected or was not feasible at BE

Now, this BE LEVEL stuff is very interesting. (The best thing is that
in the engineering syllabus there is no mention of what that level is
..lol ).... so don't worry... it's not specified.

Well, i would consider team size to get an approximate guess for the
difficulty, but you know at the end it does not matter... what matters
is "how much you have learnt from the whole thing and how much
experience you have gathered"

If you are thinking (no. lines of code written = good marks ) then you
are totally wrong because that is not the case...  i have seen
projects completely on analysis and just stub applications written to
make the examiner understand the thing!!!

so hope i have got that point clear.

>>We also don't have a guide for our project.So I am asking for help.

Well, if you could precisely specify domain (i.e. networking,
filesystems, ERP apps, etc)  your scope might be limited and it's much
easier to find people..

>>So I am asking for help. If any of you guys are interested in giving
project of BE >>level or
>>ready to be our guide, then please reply. We are really confused and
down at this time

Well, you might as well think a little bit on what you really want to
do rather than someone giving you the project....that makes much sense
!! You probably should not be confused and should be enthusiastic
enough to find current developments..

A very good way to start is to find *TODO lists* on popular opensource
softwares like say,
FIREFOX for instace... go to the website search for todo lists and dig
in to it and probably you will find a lot of stuff..

Also, the most important thing that you should do first is lookup
sourceforge.net it's a pool of everything you find under linux...
start by searching in your area of interest and see what other people
have done... if you can spot a few glitches try fixing them... if you
think you can add more features to a particular application....you
know something like that..

So, slowly you would know what you want and you will not have a problem.

I am giving you some links
in this website there are lot of softwares listed and each of them has
(ideas) click on that and proceede forward.

As far as fedora is concerned just read this

The most important thing that i want to say as far as writing code &
doing projects is concerned is "there is only a point of writing code
if someone is going to use it, else there is not use of writing!!!"

The real experience:-
As i told you i recently completed my engineering and believe me...
the external was least interested to know what i had done... the thing
that he was looking for was *conceptual clarity*, so get your concepts
right !!

Thank you,
May you have a great experience with linux and help others as well !!

Rohan Dighe
Fedora Ambassador India.

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