[PLUG] Shell script problem

Sushant Bhadkamkar mailsushant at gmail.com
Sat Aug 4 12:13:08 IST 2007

Hi all,
Yesterday I was writing a simple script which when run, would create a
directory with today's date and then would take you to the created
dir.Atfirst I thought it will be easy but the 'finding yourself in the
directory after running the script' part didn't work out.The script I wrote
is as follows:

DIR=`date --iso`
mkdir `date --iso`
cd "$DIR"

This did create a directory but I wasn't taken to it.After a bit of
experimenting I found out that adding /bin/sh at the end (ie opening any
subshell) does the work.
My question is why does the script work this way?Is there any other way to
do this?


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