[PLUG] [OT] Using OO base

ಓಂ guru.is.on.vi at gmail.com
Mon Aug 6 11:30:44 IST 2007

Is there anybody who can suggest a good reading for **base**, the
database of Open Office?
[I have googled but want to know...more]
What I am wondering is whether anybody has used it here on PLUG to
solve problems that could be otherwise handled using Microsoft access?
 Was it used for platform neutral development?  Please don't suggest
using Oracle at this point.

If there is any expertize available locally?

My problem with base is that I do not know how to use any kind of
database, not even Microsoft access.  And I am thinking of using
OObase to get some work done for making work platform neutral.
Solutions are there in minds of Windows users but I being Linux user,
I must propose a solution that gets solved using Open Office... if it
makes sense.

Since what I want to do is select a document template based on certain
keywords, from a archive of documents, I certainly rule out use of any
standalone databases like MySQL or Postgres.  But feel free to suggest
if you feel you must.  Do you think OObase can be used for this?

It may happen that what makes sense to me may not sometimes make sense
to the person sitting next to me but one must try to solve problems
not create more... using the tools that exist and make ? less
dependent on others... this is an effort in that direction.

Please suggest solutions **only** after taking into account following facts...
<highly OT but informative>
1. **The Base** is also a loose translation of term Al-Qaida, which
was informed to me by a friend returning from Gulf few years back.
It's relation to software is not being discussed here.  But it is wise
to know **what is what** without being prejudiced.  Especially when I
am mentioning similarly named software component for use.
2. U.S. has military bases in many nations.
</highly OT>

All (natural) languages are abstractions of thoughts of their creators
and hence information contained in any of them is likely to be at the
most highly accurate but not purrrrrfect.
from the Cat's mouth

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