[PLUG] Booting problem after new installation

(अमेय) Ameya (पाळंदे) Palande 2ameya at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 01:09:01 IST 2007

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> Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2007 23:29:24 +0530 (IST)
> From: "Vikas Garud" <Vikas at techqual.com>
> Subject: [PLUG] Booting problem after new installation
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> Hi,
> I have 80 GB HDD on laptop with Windows XP and SuSE Linix 10.2 installed.  A
> 12 GB partition is free.  I installed Sabayon linux on the free partition.
> During installation, I added SuSE linux entry with its root partition (I
> have made / and /home partitions on the HDD).  Post installation, Sabayon
> Linux is booting fine.  However, I get Error 13: Invalid or unsupported
> executable format.  I can not log in to the SuSE linux which has a lot of
> user data.

Dear Vikas,

If possible can you post output of "sudo fdisk -l" command ?
And please post the contents of /boot/grub/menu.lst file from suse linux
and Sabayon linux ?

You can mount suse linux's partitions from Sabayon linux, so
that you can immediately access your important data and
suse's menu.lst file.

Also just a suggestion, if you want to see a new linux distribution
you can use qemu + kvm from suse itself, which will provide almost
native performance. And no need to worry about partitioning your HDD
and worrying about multiple boot loaders, etc.


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