[PLUG] Flash player & mozilla

Sonawane Satish sonawanesk at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 16 22:16:15 IST 2007


I use mozilla 1.7.2 on my Suse9.2  
Often I find that some websites suggest me to install
latest flash player, so as to view the page correctly.

e.g http://messenger.yahoo.com/webmessenger.php#

So, I installed latest one from:

And later checked the installation using:

It shows "You have version 9,0,48,0 installed" . 
This is latest one today.  I get same information from
my Broser -> help -> About plugins

But still flash doesn't work i.e still I get same
message asking me to intall flash player when I visit:

Could anybody tell me, what did I miss?

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