[PLUG] [OT] Problem with gcc

ಓಂ guru.is.on.vi at gmail.com
Fri Aug 24 15:31:31 IST 2007

I think.. your [OT] tag is correct and Hope there is no relation of
this program solving matrix programmatically and the Matrix - the

Hey ... No Neo... No Kung Fu! :-)

Incidentally **Matrix** also means something else related to human
anatomy... and with Labour Day and Shrikrishna Jayanti coinciding on
3rd Sept. 2007 I would equally worry about those things.

Coming back to the topic under discussion as it looks simply.. I would
worry about making or following so called standard coding conventions.
and making your program portable across platforms... by properly
typecasting the malloc calls... by probably first getting the *sizeof*
variable on the system etc...

Happy debugging.....!

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