[PLUG] DigitalBridgeCamp techies and nonprofits in Devlali.

freeman murray fcmurray at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 13:58:27 IST 2007

Hi Everyone,

We're organizing another Camp to bring people working
in the social service sector together with techies to see
how we can help each other make the world a better place.

With the time we have we'd really like to understand the
needs of the social sector, see what technologies can really
benefit people at large and explore how to communicate these
skills effectively to the people working with them.

Of particular interest are :

rural internet access, both things like wireless communication and exploreing
what applications really improve the quality of life for people living
in Rural India.

schools, how can schools make use of technology to improve the quality and
relevance of education they impart.

foss in the non-profit sector - what free and open source software can really
improve the effectiveness of non-profits managing their organizations. Things
like Content Management systems, Open Office, Contact Management,
Learning Management Systems, ...

again, this is an unconference - so the above is a wishlist not a
menu. Ultimately
what gets talked about will be a function of who shows up.

Digital Bridge Camp is being (un)organized by The Comet Media Foundation
http://cometmedia.org which has been providing open source training to people
working in the non-profit sector for some years.

Please take this time to enjoy a few days in the majestic hillstation of Devlali
working with other passionate people to understand how to apply what we've
learned working with technology in the commercial sector to improve the
quality of life for the less fortunate and the planet in general.

Feel free to forward this mail to anyone you think might be interested.

More information available on the wiki.



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