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On 03-Dec-07, at 11:03 AM, maa properties wrote:

> After the registration, a buyer should go for mutation, to ensure  
> the title
> of said plot/land is in his name in the Record of Rights (RoR)  
> proceedings.
> It would be a valid document but majority of people are unaware of  
> this, Mr.
> Kiron says.
> Secondly one should verify the land details in 'Khasra Pahani'  
> ultimate
> revenue document detailing land as existing in 1954-55.
> Thirdly when one applies for 'Encumbrance Certificate', they also  
> should
> search to rule out if other persons were holding the title to the same
> property.
> After the mutation, one should fence the land or better to go for  
> trench
> cutting, he advises. Change of survey numbers are another menace and
> majority of civil disputes are due to this, he adds.
> To ensure the authenticity of plot/land in a given survey number,  
> one should
> check it with 'Tippani Survey', the survey undertaken by the  
> Government with
> land marks, village boundaries and available with the Joint Director,
> Survey, District Collector besides every mandal level surveyor who  
> knows
> exact boundaries of different Survey Nos.
> Though introduction of photographs of both the buyer and seller in the
> registration document reduced malpractices to some extent,  
> Karnataka has
> advanced methods over Hyderabad <http://www.maaproperties.com/>like in
> digital fingerprints, recording of iris image with appropriate  
> technology,
> which would alert if the same land/plot is being registered in the  
> name of
> others. In short, the land transactions should be made transparent  
> giving
> absolutely no scope for tampering/manipulations.
> For more information Log on to: http://www.maaproperties.com
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