[PLUG] Help needed for participation in CMDA Exhibition

sudhanwa Jogalekar sudhanwa.com at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 00:13:07 IST 2007

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On Dec 6, 2007 11:07 AM, ಓಂ <guru.is.on.vi at gmail.com> wrote:
> Whatever you decide to call it, hardly matters to people who know the
> core... (i don't mean quad core here).
> I think, they have a habit of keeping silent and then showing up at proper time.

Till last year, we were not sure about our participation till the last
minute. In fact, once or twice we have got the stall 1-2 days after
the expo started.

This time we know our participation well in advance and hence we can
plan better.
If people remain silent, that is not going to help us. Coming up at
the last minute is not going to help us plan and organise things
properly. Otherwise this time also it will remain as hectic and tiring
for the people who are there by default and others will just come and
go. Well, I do appriciate their efforts and willingness to come over
and do voluntary work there.

> So believing in people's intelligence is a better strategy than
> rebranding yourself 10 times...

Just intelligence is not enough. You may or may not re-brand things.

> Learning to believe in self is again the best strategy to win others trust...

I want to see more and more people coming up so that I can believe in
them and share trust relationship.

> To make my long story short, don't worry people will show up and help
> solve each others problems...
> Most highly organized events are usually a spagetty, till you find
> proper fork...
> Even then you don't know the length of each of it's threads :-)

The point is that this time we know for sure that there is spagetty
there. Why not start finding  the fork right now so that everyone can
eat it properly.

My apologies if the statements sound a bit rude.


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