[PLUG] Help needed for participation in CMDA Exhibition

ಓಂ guru.is.on.vi at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 11:24:50 IST 2007

On Dec 11, 2007 12:13 AM, sudhanwa Jogalekar <sudhanwa.com at gmail.com> wrote:
> This time we know our participation well in advance and hence we can
> plan better.

That's perfectly understood,...

> If people remain silent, that is not going to help us. Coming up at
> the last minute is not going to help us plan and organise things
> properly. Otherwise this time also it will remain as hectic and tiring
> for the people who are there by default and others will just come and
> go. Well, I do appriciate their efforts and willingness to come over
> and do voluntary work there.

This is also great ...

> > So believing in people's intelligence is a better strategy than
> > rebranding yourself 10 times...
> >
> Just intelligence is not enough. You may or may not re-brand things.

My objection (response) was only to screaming (if we can call it that)
for help more than (?) twice..

> > Learning to believe in self is again the best strategy to win others trust...

> I want to see more and more people coming up so that I can believe in
> them and share trust relationship.

I share the sentiments...

> > To make my long story short, don't worry people will show up and help
> > solve each others problems...
> >
> > Most highly organized events are usually a spagetty, till you find
> > proper fork...
> > Even then you don't know the length of each of it's threads :-)
> >
> The point is that this time we know for sure that there is spagetty
> there. Why not start finding  the fork right now so that everyone can
> eat it properly.

That's a good plan... but what I said was "most plans fail, not people
fail to plan" although the popular saying is exact reverse. :-)

> My apologies if the statements sound a bit rude.

I learned *the most* from criticism, so no problems there..  Sweat
talk has rarely helped me...

> Regards

So help everyone.... wherever I can !

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