[PLUG] Boot problem

Ranjit Bhonsle ranjya at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 18:29:13 IST 2007

> I used to have a problem where neither my Linux nor Windows partitions
> would
> boot consistently, i.e. it would  boot successfully sometimes and not so
> on
> other occasions. This was traced to a memory problem - my RAM chips had
> gone
> bad apparently. While Suse seems to working for you, you might nonetheless
> want to run a memory check.
> Installing FC8 should not solve the problem, in my opinion. And I would be
> surprised if Suse has something to do with this.
> Kapil.
> ____________________________________________________________________
           I took your suggestion and ran memtest86 v1.70 from
ubuntu7.10alt cd. It went on
and on for a very long time. After Pass 2 I quit. Methinks memory might not
be the
problem. Before this I opened the cabinet and checked whether everything was
seated well. I don't think it is a memory problem because this problem is
only during booting.            Once I am into any of the three OS I can
keep on and nothing happens.
I was blaming Suse because of a partitioning problem I had with 9.1 when I
lost my data Fat partition and had to use testdisk to write a new partition
table to get it back. Bad week till I got everything back.
           I shall wait some before installing FC8 over FC7 and
Ubuntu7.10over Suse.
Thanks for your suggestion.

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