[PLUG] Need Help with Wireless configuration in Ubuntu

ಓಂ guru.is.on.vi at gmail.com
Wed Dec 19 06:41:49 IST 2007

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For a change I have a suggestion...
if she participates on this forum (PLUG mailing list) people could
actually help many alongwith her who may have problem like hers.  I
know it might take a bit longer to get her laptop to talk wireless
this way but might be an educating experience itself for her to get
acquainted with Linux support forum and start learning more about it.

Having said this all, I am sure there would be definitely people
around who would be willing to help fix the problem.

And... just a sidenote... Maybe people who messed up the settings do
know just how to *click click* even in windows.

Last time I interacted with a senior windows side engr.  He said no
setting required for windows to work wireless.. and I could not help
but smile to myself...

hope this helps..

Thanks for your good work in Thiruvanantpuram if I am right about the name :-)

Sincerely *no offense meant to you*, but anytime I see a name Anoop,
it usually reminds me of the famous Anoop hair oil from 15 years past
that could help bald people.  Many of my friend jumped to try it even
when they had pretty impressive scalp.  I think it was later marketed
by GODrej

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