[PLUG] Cheat Sheet / Quick Start Guide

Devendra Laulkar devendra at laulkar.com
Wed Dec 19 10:49:35 IST 2007

> Why is Debian missing from the distro list? It is the free-est of
> distributions (except for gnewsense and utoto, which are not
> practical for fresh users). You can put it in the
> Student/Developer list. And personally I feel opensuse should be
> out, after the dirty deal between Novell and MS (this is not a
> flamebait, just an opinion :-)
[Shields up]
Practically adding Debian is not helpful. I wouldn't recommend Debian to
a first time user, and I don't want to explain to a newbie why debian is
not recommended for first time use.
We can go on arguing why [Insert your fav distro here] is not included
in the list. However, at the end of the day its the volunteers @ the
expo who have to answer queries from the public.

> Do you really want to put fdisk as a basic command? Imagine the
> disasters that may follow with newbies.
This is for people who have used the format command in DOS. Granted its
not the same thing, but there *is* a command which can format disks :)
Again a question asked many times @ the expo (Usually by the computer
hardware dealers who participate in the expo)
> Also, one can add a short list of good Linux books that are
> available. Most of these should be general Linux intros., but
> there should also be one or two 'political' books, e.g.,
> Stallman's "Free as in Freedom". I would be happy to provide a
> short list of "beginner-to-intermediate" books I have found useful
> and refer to frequently.
Please do provide a list of books. Books that are available in India :)

-Devendra Laulkar.

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