[PLUG] Need Help with Wireless configuration in Ubuntu

Anoop John anoopjohn at gmail.com
Wed Dec 19 20:21:33 IST 2007


Here is more information about the system.

Her's is a Compaq 702TU laptop. It comes with broadcom 4311 chipset.
The wireless was configured with NDISWrapper and firmware upgraded
using bcm43xx-fwcutter.

The installation process was documented here

The system was tested for both WPA and WEP access at our office.

But right now when I make her try

iwlist scanning

is giving

No Scan Results

The Network Manager applet was not showing the signal strength icon
until roaming mode was enabled for the wireless device. When roaming
mode is enabled the Network Manager applet shows "Connect to other
wireless Network" where you can enter the ssid of the network and the
encryption type and key but no IP address. There is no DHCP server in
the network. But you cannot enter static IP while in roaming mode.
Even with roaming mode enabled the scanning results are in the
negative. This is the current status.

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