[PLUG] Video files with SuSe 10.3

Eugene L. eugene_lazian at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 27 15:22:50 IST 2007

Hello Mr Chaudhari,

Nothing wrong with your 10.3 installation. Do the

1.Right-click the file to play. 
2. Select 'Play With'
3. Type in 'MPlayer' (It won't be on the menu!)
4. Tick the field 'Open in Terminal'.


From: "Yogesh Chaudhari" <yachaudhari at gmail.com>
Subject:  Need help for openSuse 10.3


I installed openSuse 10.3. Everything is fine except
that when I tried to play Video files (vob, avi, mpeg,
dat, etc..) with VLC or MPlayer;  session
abruptly logs out. Does anyone having same problem
with openSuse 10.3  or something wrong with my
installation ?

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