[PLUG] Nice linux seminar by Sudhanva and Devendra.... thank you friends!

sudhanwa Jogalekar sudhanwa.com at gmail.com
Fri Dec 28 00:50:09 IST 2007


On Dec 22, 2007 9:35 PM, Manoj Mahajan <manojmahajan2010 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks for such a great seminar on Linux by these 2 Linux Heros::::
> " Mr. Sudhanva Joglekar and Mr. Devendra "
> at CMDA IT-expo 2007.

Thanks for the nice words. Such reports/reviews are required so that
people really get encouraged to do some good work.

> Sessions are very intresting... Q&A also fine!
> Should be something....more practicals on Desktop tools (players, games,
> editors)....
> Songs, Videos, 3D games and Server level examples....
> Naturally time doesn't permit all thing.....Linux is not a small subject to
> coverup in 1 or 2 hrs.
> Dear pluggies "Keep it UP!"
> You're doing very well.

Time is a big problem in  such seminars. We have to focus for some
type of audiance and talk accordingly. As you must have noticed, this
was for a basic user focus and there were people who were already
using the system. One person even asked about GPL, MIT and BSD
license. I am sure, for all others it was greek and Latin ( should I
say Sanskrut also ;-) )

Well, I agree that multimedia applications could have been done in a
better way.

> PS:
> 1. As other OS, Linux is also has some viruses, (some bugs atleast to hack
> using Trojans, backdoors)
> If not(?) please correct me... We need AV for atleast at email server, i
> think ;).
> Some companies like AVG, Panda and many more has AV product for Desktop.

As I know, as of now, there are no viruses on Linux. Trojans/worms
might be there. Need to confirm the same. Antivirus is required on a
Linux system so that any mails coming in with virus will be cleaned at
the server level itself and further transmission will be clean. Linus
system as such is nt affected by windows viruses.

> 2. Power of commands at shell is known to Administrators more... as
> shell-scripting.
> For Desktop users GUI is "Welcome", but for Admin people, commands are very
> powerful and faster than GUI.

You said it!!!  I dont know whether I should call myself as
admin/techie as I prefer using GUI compared to command line interface.
I did use CLI for so many years



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