[PLUG] [OT] NGO-in-a-box workshop

विकास दामोदर गरूड (Vikas Damodar Garud) vikas at techqual.com
Sun Feb 4 16:35:44 IST 2007

This may be of interest ....
I don't have any more details; the link resulted into 502 Proxy Error!

This is just a quick reminder about the NGO-in-a-box workshop to be
held in Pune from the 19th to the 24th of March. The workshop aims to
train development professionals in the practical application of Free
and Open Source Software tools.

 The deadline for receiving applications is the 9th of February, 2007.
 For details and application forms, log on to http://ngoinabox.mahiti.org

The workshop will cover the following broad thematic areas:
Topic 1 - Base Free and Open Source Applications: What to consider
when migrating to open source, commonly used Office and Internet
Topic 2 – Open Publishing: Desktop publishing, Web publishing, Content
Topic 3 – Audio Visual: Audio-Video editing and distribution, CD
burning and ripping
Topic 4 -  Security: Internet security, passwords, data storage and
backup, communication and encryption.
Topic 5 - Internet tools for Advocacy - Using blogs, wikis, social
bookmarking and other participatory media

This is an event for experienced professionals actively working in
advocacy NGOs, educational organisations, NGO resource centres,
community centres and information dissemination organisations.

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