[PLUG] BSNL Dataone with Netgear DG632 on Fedora Core 6

Nishit Dave stargazer.dave at gmail.com
Mon Feb 12 19:10:37 IST 2007


I decided to ditch the overcharging VSNL and switched over to BSNL.  The
latter's service engineer didn't come to install my captioned router/modem
as the guy who sold it to me presumably preconfigured it for BSNL.

However, I have not been able to connect to BSNL Dataone ever since.  Can
anybody help me solve the following?

1.  Which mode should I use: router or modem?

2.  Is it necessary to set the router's LAN IP to (as BSNL
customer care told me), which it somehow doesn't accept, or does the default also work?  (This is also the gateway address).  It the first
case, my computer connected at eth0 will be configured with the IP address, and in the other,

3.  In the router mode, under basic configuration (wizard does not detect
connection type), if I select "my internet connection requires a user name
and password", I am presented with the username, password and service name
fields.  Will the router be able to connect directly using these parameters,
or should I ignore this and all following settings and connect through say
rp-pppoe from the client computer?

4.  Is it necessary to provide a service name, and if so, what is it?

5.  How does this setup work?  Does the router get an IP address from the
BSNL server when it connects, and if so, how can I find it out?

6.  If somebody has this router/modem working on BSNL, can you please post a
step-by-step guide?

You will of course be aware that the above is much better than getting
actual help from customer service.  By the way, the modem does not have the
latest firmware, but an update will only be possible once I am able to

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