[PLUG] How to enable ACPI daemon in SuSe 10.2?

sco1984 at gmail.com sco1984 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 16 10:40:44 IST 2007

I recently installed SuSe 10.2 on my laptop. When booting SuSe, it shows
ACPI found but "acpid daemon" not running. How can I enable ACPI daemon ? I
figured out laptop gets hot soon. I guess ACPI is the main reason for that.
Any suggestions on this ?

And one more question. How to install Squid proxy ? I select Squid while
installing SuSe 10.2, but it's not showing Squid in GUI mode. How ever i did
not check via konsole/Bash. Anybody know how to do that in SuSe 10.2 ?

And oh yes, about plug-in's to play AVI files can be found at SUSe's RPM
package site. Configure your Yast manager and give SUSe's HTTP/FTP address
and download plugs ins for Totem which are in the list.


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