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Tue Jan 2 12:21:14 IST 2007

 Yes, they are going to give 2 MBPS line. But it's a crazy idea. instead of
giving 2 MBPS line, they could have think of giving unlimited usage @ at the
cheap rate. What is the use of 2 MBPS line otherwise? Many corporate
customers still use 2 MBPS leased line. I am pretty sure it's just to
attract customers. 2 MBPS line > Surely they mean shared 2 MBPS line , but
not 1:1 line of 2 MBPS of speed.
Crazy govt always make people fool. We dont need 2 MBPS line to browse
internet. Yes to download data that is of 3~4 GB, surely  some1 need 2 MBPS
line. But that would cost a lot and lot. When limit of downloading is there,
2 MBPS line makes no sence.

Better idea is to set a "Squid" proxy server. access all required daily web
pages. Those pages are automatically saved in to Squid, dont delete them and
then use internet. Each time you access those pages, your transaction will
be done from Squid not directly from internet each time you open any URL
that in use frequently.

Amey Abhyankar.

In line with the government's decision to declare the
year of 2007 as the year of the Broadband Internet,
BSNL has updated its plans - Now it is offering  upto
2 Mbps speeds on all existing plans.

http://www.bsnl.co.in/newsdetailed.php?news_id=352 for

With better connectivity and cheaper rates, it might
help the the FOSS movement grow.

Here's wising all Pluggies a very happy "Broadband"
year of 2007.

-Devendra Laulkar

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