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Wed Jan 3 10:54:56 IST 2007

 They do have an option of free downloads between 2am -
8am which in my opinion is reasonable.
Have you ever tried the respective plan  by BSNL which contains offer of
unlimited download between midnight? I bet you haven't tried. I know plenty
people who got thousand of ruppes bill due to miss calculation of BSNL
people. Yes..Some live examples....They also have complaint copy and sealed
copy of BSNL where settlements will be done. Not just 1 but many users
facing this problem because BSNL did not count the duration between 2 am
till 8 am as a free data usage. And it's a big big head ache.

At corporate private companies are the only competitor's. No BSNL available.
In race at no.1 there is "BHARATI" , at 2nd it's "STPI" ie " Software
Technology Park of India" and at thrid it's "TATA Indicom VSNL". Reliance is
somewhere at 4th place or 5th. Believe me, if they don't give fast support
to corporate customers, they loose huge business. At corporate nobody pays
CASH. Usually rate for 2 MBPS 1:1 line price is approx 13,00,000 per year.

You all must heard of earth quack recently happened in Taiwan. many internet
users were effected. Internet downtime because 4~5 fibre channels were
broken. BHARATI did a great job. They moved traffic via another line at
international gateway at there end. But other company did not. There
connection was slow. These things we never know at the customer end as a
home user. Anyway..It was just a real time scenario recently happened.

For video and voice chatting, it really depends upon traffic and routeing
hopes in between. It always been conjetion when trasffering data,voice,audio
through a common router. No matter how much bandwidth you have. 2 MBPS line
is ideal surely for college, school or banking sectors or specially internet
cafe owners. Well it's individuals choice. Let's see ! I heard there is a
big big que in many areas in Pune city to get BSNL broadband. BSNL still not
able to give connections to all customers who sent request 2~3 months ago.
Its a sad thing.

Amey Abhyankar.

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