[PLUG][OT] Broadband 2007

Devendra Laulkar devendralaulkar at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 3 12:06:06 IST 2007


>  They do have an option of free downloads between
> 2am -
> 8am which in my opinion is reasonable.
> Have you ever tried the respective plan  by BSNL
> which contains offer of
> unlimited download between midnight? I bet you
> haven't tried. 

I have tried it. For around 7-8 months now. I have
downloaded between 2am - 8am on numerous occasions,
infact routinely until sometime back. And I *never*
got a wrong bill. I also know a number of people who
do download between 2-8 without getting wrong bills. 

Of course, you have to take careful measures. If your
computer clock is off by 15-20 mins and you start the
download at 1.45am and get billed for it... 

Not saying that BSNL is perfect and that there cannot
be billing erros, however it is not the case that the
entire thing is just a marketing scam or something.

> At corporate private companies are the only
> competitor's. 

I am not talking of corporates - it is an entirely
different ball game altogether. The requirements, QoS
terms etc are all different. Hence, the price will

-Devendra Laulkar.

p.s. -  Can we have the same subject line ? It is easy
to keep track of a thread.

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