[PLUG] some clarifications on GPL

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at fedoraproject.org
Mon Jan 8 21:34:02 IST 2007

श्रीधर नारायण दैठणकर wrote:
> On Monday 08 January 2007 17:36, Yagnesh Desai wrote:

> No. You can add a feature and publish it on web, without sending it to linus. 

If you dont distribute it to a third party, you can do private 
modifications and not even publish it.

> What you cannot do is call your derivative/combined work Linux since the name 
> linux is copyrighted to linus. 

Correction: The name is trademarked (names cannot be copyrighted) and is 
broadly licensed by the Linux Mark Institute which does allow derived 
works to be called Linux (unlike other projects like Mozilla Firefox) 
subject to the terms of the agreement.

See http://www.linuxmark.org/


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