[PLUG] PLUGSMS alert service

sudhanwa Jogalekar sudhanwa.com at gmail.com
Wed Jan 10 02:15:18 IST 2007

Dear all,

We are starting a new service for Pluggies.
You can now get news/alerts on your mobile phones through SMS.
(Formal announcement was done during the JAN 07 meeting.)

For subscribing, send SMS "START PLUGSMS" to 676787

To unsubscribe, send SMS "STOP PLUGSMS" to 676787

This is not a many to many service like PLUG mailing list. Only the
moderators will be sending news/alert messages (eg. Confirmation of
PLUG meeting) which will be received by all the suscribers of this
service. We expect about 2-3 messages in a month.

The service is being provided to us for FREE (as in money). Every
message will have about 120 characters for the PLUG  SMS and about 30
characters for the service providers contents. We are given assurance
by the service providers that the numbers will not be used for SPAM
and other such activities.

You can avail of this service now. Send SMS and subscribe yourself.


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