[PLUG] Setting up home web server using dataone MT841 modem

Roy Francis roy.franc at gmail.com
Fri Jan 12 03:24:09 IST 2007


I want to setup a home web-server ( for experimentation ) using a
dataone HOME500 broadband connection. My modem is Huawei MT841 which
is configured to access the web using my ethernet card. I've setup
port-forwarding (external ip port 80 to internal ip port 80) using NAT
entries. The webserver I'm using is apache, the configuration seems
But the trouble is, whenever I try to access my external ip
(http://59.93.??.??) the modem config web page shows up, which in turn
not letting port-forwarding work, i guess.

I tried in both FC 6 (apache 2.2) and Knoppix 5.0 (apache 2.0), with
the same result.

hw specs : P III 550Mhz, 128 MB     ( quite old, but FC 6 runs great ! )

Can someone put in a solution please !


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