[PLUG] Setting up home web server using dataone MT841 modem

K. Shantanu linux at shantanukulkarni.org
Fri Jan 12 09:27:22 IST 2007

* Roy Francis <roy.franc at gmail.com> [070112 07:48]:
> But the trouble is, whenever I try to access my external ip
> (http://59.93.??.??) the modem config web page shows up, which in turn
> not letting port-forwarding work, i guess.

Hmm!!! Your modem is in NAT mode I guess, can't you have it in bridge
mode, i.e. ifconfig of your Linux box should show ppp0 as external IP
59.93.x.x - that will solve all the issues. I am not sure whether the
modem supports destination Natting. 


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