[PLUG] Fedora Core 4 on Intel 946GZ

Nishit Dave stargazer.dave at gmail.com
Fri Jan 12 22:38:31 IST 2007

On 12 Jan 2007 06:11:13 -0000, Yogesh Hasabnis <yhasabnis at rediffmail.com>
> Hi,
> I am struggling with the installation of Fedora Core 4 on an IBM
> ThinkCentre A55 machine. The machine uses Intel 946GZ chipset, Intel
> Graphics Media Accelerator 3000 and Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet card. The
> installation procedure fails to configure the X. It also fails to load the
> network card drivers(lspci shows the network card in it's output). Using the
> modprobe command to load the tg3 module doesn't help as well. The module
> gets loaded but the network card is not detected. Searched a lot on the
> internet, but none of the docs helped. Has anybody installed FC4 on such a
> machine?  Will the installation of FC5 help (I don't have the FC5 CDS
> though)?
You might perhaps be facing a problem of newer drivers within FC4.  You seem
to have a decent set of hardware.  Why don't you try FC6?  I have a spare
FC5 DVD that you can borrow, or an FC6 DVD that you can borrow for a *short*
time.  You might still need some proprietary drivers.

If you want the DVDs, contact me on my email ID.


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