[PLUG] Want help to design applications in QT

Sheetal Pandita sheetalpandita7 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 29 10:45:32 IST 2007

hi everyone,
                      I am sheetal pandita-a new member in your
group.Wehave our
*B.E *project Fedora Core 4 ,Kernel -2.6.We are proposing a tool SYSDRIVER
INVENTORY  for dumping a computer's hardware information in a human readable
and understandable format. This tool will give a description of the system's
hardware components with complete details.We are using QT toolkit to develop
this tool.We are reading the /proc directory through QT.We have many
questions and doubts regarding the same.
Can anyone help us out?

1.Can anyone explain How to work in Qt Designer?
2.We have a doubt regarding signals and slots.we are referring -Programming
With QT O'Reilly Publications.Dalbemer M.
3.What all things are in built in Qt Designer?
4.How to read proc filesystem using Qt, and How to retrieve proc details in
richtext Box?

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