[PLUG] querry about usb flash drive

jayant ogale jaogale at yahoo.co.in
Tue Jan 30 16:42:49 IST 2007

my question is whether this usb version of mandrivs OR
any other distros / alternatives you are suggesting,
supports / installs my set of hardware or not.

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jayant ogale wrote:
> Hi friends,
> i am planning to buy mandriva usb flash drive. But
> before that i want to get my doubts cleared. I had
> written this mail to mandriva, but i have received
> response from them.
> 1] will this flash drive support all my internal and
> periferal hardware like
>                a] HD audio soft V 92 data fax\modem
> with smart CP
>                b] scanner – hp scanjet 3200
>                c] printer epson – lq 1050
>                d]will my wireless lan card get
> configured automatically?
> if not, what am i supposed to do?
> 2] if this flash drive is writeable, there is a
> possibility of deletion of some software by error.
> there any back-up dvd or partition provided with it?
> 3] how are we supposed to get root access on this?
> 4] is there a facility to install this o.s. on hard
> disc?
> Thanks,
> jayant
Another suggestion would be to use something like

Actually you could also do your own thing by
downloading the distro 

and then burning it on your usb key. I did it a long
time back; and if 
remember right;
the only thing I had to do was to make the partition
bootable (set the 
bootable flag set using fdisk).

Follow these steps, if interested

There are other distro's available on the USB; just
google for them. 
only real question is the use -
Mandriva has the support structure etc., if things


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