[PLUG] Free Softwares for School

ಓಂ guru.is.on.vi at gmail.com
Mon Jul 9 10:55:50 IST 2007

The word "license" is used when somebody is talking about legality.
So what is truely "free" is something that is **without** any
"encumbrace", and when you think of that in the larger context... so
called Free Software is not "mukt" in the true sense of "free"
Anything that puts restriction on you is not mukt.

But this is again irrelavant here beclause Original poster has taken
pains to use "i.e." to explain what he is looking for when he says
"free" as in "freely distributable"

So all this debate is a non-debate!

Generally speaking, you are free to **think** but need to pay for
using the resources to express what you mean by free.  The important
question is who pays for your exercizing that freedom?  If you think
of that.. then you understand who are you really answerable to!

Have you included any freely distributable FTP software with your
"Utility Software Archive" or "Utility Softwares Ensemble" CD that you
want to distribute to schools? :-)

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