[PLUG] [Commercial]Want to ask Linus something? Here's your chance!

Swapnil Bhartiya swaparnie at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 10 11:18:38 IST 2007

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

Great News! Linus Torvalds has agreed to respond to selective questions from the Indian Linux/OSS community.

The background: I had filed a story in the June 07 issue of LFY on Microsoft's claim that Linux infringed on its patents. While I was seeking opinions from the industry stalwarts, Linus ji also agreed to share his views on the topics. (http://efytimes.com/archive/preview.asp?articleid=14)

Post the issue, we received a lot of queries from our readers, which were addressed to Linus.

So, I approached him to check if he was ready to respond to queries from Indian techies. He consented. The two broad topics we would like to discuss with him are are:

1. The technology roadmap of Linux (especially the kernel)
2. The role Indian techies can play in developing Linux and Open Source

Hence, I seek your help in compiling a list of questions that will we could ask Linus.

The interview will be published in LFY and subsequently released as a 'creative commons' document, since it will be a true community driven initiative.
 So, friends please help me out!

Deadline: Friday: 13th, July 07.

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