[PLUG] Linux techies needed for night shift

vipul nakate vipulnakate at gmail.com
Tue Jul 17 02:17:16 IST 2007

Hello Henry,

I am  Vipul Nakate working with BMC S/W as an Tech Support on UNIX Server.
My friend Rahul Pahade has done the course on RHCE and is searching for a
job specific in Linux. He is ready to work in night shift. Has got knowledge
of Linux installation of most linux flavours(Redhat, Suse, Ubuntu). Also has
System and Network Administrative knowledge.
You can contach him on rahul.pahade at gmail.com.

Also myself if its fine working online on internet I can provide chat
support from here in night shift. Problem is I will be located at another
place physically.

On 17/07/07, Henry J. Cobb <hcobb at io.com> wrote:
> We need one or two more techies to support our linux desktops in Koregaon
> Park in shifts that cover 4pm to 4am weekdays.
> With that sort of hours you know it's a call center, but we also do
> mainframe applications over a VPN.
> Just a basic knowledge of how to install, configure and fix linux desktop
> machines is plenty.
> -HJC
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