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Freedel is now freed.in!  Paper submissions are now open, please see
bottom of mail for URL's.

freed.in - New Delhi 2007 - September 28-29

freed.in isn't just a Linux conference. It is a technical conference
about Free Software and related topics, held annually in New Delhi. We
invite submissions on any Free Software related subject; from Linux
and the BSDs to OpenOffice.org, from networking to audio-visual magic,
from deep hacks to Creative Commons. Important dates

      * Submissions open: July 15, 2007
      * Submission deadline: August 13, 2007
      * Email notifications from review committee: August 20, 2007
      * Conference begins: September 28, 2007

Presentations being accepted

We are accepting proposals for two different types of presentation:
you can submit a proposal for a talk or a tutorial. If in doubt, you
want to submit a talk proposal rather than a tutorial proposal.

Call for Papers

Talks are the main part of the conference: a series of presentations
on Free Software related subjects. This year there will be 20-30
presentations. Presenters will be given a 50 minute slot, which
includes up to 10 minutes for questions.

The main programme also has 8 tutorial slots. Tutorials are longer and
more interactive presentations, with slots lasting for 160 minutes,
giving the speaker time to interact with the audience. Proposals for
tutorials should be clear about the level of expertise required of the

Most presentations and tutorials will be technical in nature, but
proposals for presentations on other aspects of Free Software and Free
Culture, such as educational and cultural aspects are welcome.


Submissions related to the following topics are welcome:

  * General Papers (very strict accept policy!)
  * System Administration
  * Collaboration and Communication
  * Scientific and Research Tools
  * Native Language Computing
  * Legal Aspects of FLOSS

The main site for the conference:


Conference registration and paper submission site:


Please contact info at freed.in if you have any questions.


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