[PLUG] Hathway Internet On Fedora Core 6 Linux

Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay sankarshan.mukhopadhyay at gmail.com
Sat Jul 28 13:03:32 IST 2007

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Nishant Shrivastava wrote:

>     My routing table doesn't show any gateway but the thing is what i
> should enter in the forst column of the route command and i am even not
> able to enter the gatewau thru route..gets some error..my gateway IP is
> <> and my for eg is 60.x.y.z....i have
> used ifconfig eth0 to assign my IP to my NIC card...netmask is
> how can i enter the gateway ip in routing table

Ok, so here's the deal : system-config-network (or neat) as a root user
should allow you to edit the properties of your ethernet card. Selecting
the ethernet card, and clicking on edit should give you tabs named
"General", "Route" and "Hardware Device". Click the button to Statically
set the IP address and then input the data you have. Save the
configuration settings and quit. Restart the network service. Do a route
- -n to check if the gateway bits are proper. Edit (use your favorite
editor other than OpenOffice.org Writer) the file /etc/resolve.conf to
see if the DNS IPs are properly set. If not set them in the file. Try to
ping the gateway, then ping the DNS and thereon any external site.


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