[PLUG] internet on FC2

Robin Panwala robin.panwala at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 11 20:50:21 IST 2007

Hi Prashanth,

already my eth0 has been configured for the ethernet/LAN connection.

when I'm on a wireless network i.e. eth1, my eth0 remains inactive.

the point here is:

The driver & firmware modules for eth1 (ipw2200) were successfully loaded.

wireless network has been detected after giving the commands:
# iwconfig eth1 essid [SSID] key open [encryption key]

I've manually set my IP, subnet mask, default gateway & primary DNS details.

Now I should in an ideal case be able to ping to my gateway/router IP address now that the wireless connection on eth1 is activated.

I cant access my router configuration through the browser as its home page doesnt show up when I give the router IP in the address bar of the browser.

question is, if the connection is active why such problem occurs?


Prashanth <munichlinux at gmail.com> wrote: On 6/11/07, Robin Panwala  wrote:

> Also, the command system-config-network I could observe that the wireless connection is activated, but I'm unable to ping to my gateway address.

see by default the device eth0 will be active and all the network
connection will be carried through eth0 to change that to eth1 you
need to down the eth0
 # ifdown eth0
# ifup eth1

after this give # ifconfig

you should be able to see only eth1 and your lo. then try this should work.




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