[PLUG] VLC and Fedora Core 6

Nishit Dave stargazer.dave at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 17:22:10 IST 2007

I have the 2.6.18 and 2.6.19 kernels on my Fedora Core 6 box, and was
recently trying to play a VCD on it with VLC 0.8.6a.  The sound output was
very choppy and irritating (apart from it being Borat), forcing me to switch
to my XP partition where there was no problem (Fedora versions of other
multimedia players did not agree to play the VCD, you see).  I have tried
this with another media, and come up with similar problems.

I understand this choppy output may be because of the kernel not being
optimized for multimedia, but can anybody tell me how to solve the problem
in a quick and efficient manner?

Another question: does anybody know how to configure VLC to use a proxy
server (under Linux / XP)?

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